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Why clichés are bought from us

Qualitatively: All production passes thorough, three-step quality control.   Not expensive: We make sure that our products cost as little as possible compared to colleagues and competitors.   Fast: Standard production time is 4-7 workdays. There is the possibility of urgent production.   Own production: All products are manufactured on our own, modern equipment in accordance with GOST. Our specialists have extensive experience and high qualification. ..
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Posted: 20/07/2018

What do I need to know to order a branding iron?

What do I need to know to order abranding iron?   To begin with, you need to understand what you want to get, for which you need a cliche, its size, and also decide on which material you will use it.   The first thing you need is a layout. The layout is a vector drawing, or an image in high resolution. The main requirement for the layout is the distance between lines of more than 0.31 mm for burning on solid materials and more than 0.5 mm for burning on soft (for ..
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Posted: 18/07/2018

Corporate style of the restaurant

Corporate style of the restaurant ..
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Posted: 18/04/2018

How to get a phytosanitary hot stamp

How to get a phytosanitary hot stamp ..
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Posted: 14/12/2017

Cost of repairs, spare parts and complexity of work TempStamp.ru

Вид работ Стоимость (руб.) Замена патронных нагревательных элементов* 300 Замена патронных нагревательных элементов в аппаратах с цифровой регулировкой температуры* 500 Замена нагревательной пластины на 1 шпильке в сборе 300 Замена нагревательной пластины на 2 шпильк ..
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Posted: 08/12/2017