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"Family seal"

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" Family and personal seals were everyday life for wealthy residents of ancient Rome and Greece. Since antiquity, this seal has been a guarant fastening transactions in trade; it was also used in the correspondence and marking of valuable documents and contracts. These days, using the family seal takes on a new meaning. Family seal is an attribute of families who value their dignity, history and traditions. When such a seal is placed on any document, the importance of this letter, invitation or gift is emphasized. A relevant feature of the family seal is the ability to quickly and effectively identify the material property of the family. A family mark on books, diaries, notebooks, paintings, CDs and albums with collections will protect you from unwanted proceedings and disputes. You can quickly prove that it’s your family that owns a particular item. When choosing symbols for the future family seal , your creative imagination are just necessary. Specialists of our store will be able to quickly and efficiently develop a sketch of the future and choose the equipment that meets the requirements of the client. Wooden and plastic sealing handles are convenient and easy to operate. And the polished metal handle, thanks to the brilliance of metal, will serve as a great accessory in the office. Family seal may contain information about the name of your family, a symbolic image, an inscription or any suitable symbol. Family seal , as a symbol of the unity of the clan and family, can be an original present for a wedding, anniversary and birthday! Such a gift will unite your family, bring diversity, strengthen family ties. Please your friends and relatives with an interesting and unusual amazing gift. "
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