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"Stamp duffel triangular"

"Stamp duffel triangular"

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"Width: 36;
Length: 36;

< strong > Triangle stamp is designed to mark Army clothing. This method of marking has been introduced in order to systematize, simplify and clarify the mechanism for recording items of property. Fixing or fixing things for a certain military unit or personnel is the main task that is solved by the process of labelling the things of military personnel. It is also important to eliminate such a problem as the exchange of things between soldiers, i.e. the impersonation of clothes. Because of the stigma on things, it is possible to determine how long the clothing was in use, which is also necessary for the systematization of the activities of the troops and the maintenance of law and order.

The armed forces of the Russian Federation use several types of stamps. < strong > Triangular stamp is designed to mark the clothes suitable for future use. I.e. When any item that has not served its term and is fit for further use is put into storage, a triangular stamp is placed on it. Number in a triangle designates duration of use of a subject.

According to the adopted directives, the dimensions of such a stamp should be 36 mm (length of each side).

Our company < strong > manufactures triangular marks that exactly meet all requirements of statutes, orders and organizational and methodological instructions of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

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