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"Stamp "Delivery""

"Stamp "Delivery""

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" Stamp "Deliver" is a simple and useful product that leaves a mark on papers and other surfaces. If you plan to send something to a partner, you need to buy this stamp and use it regularly. When a parcel, a small batch of goods or documents is delivered to your office, this stamp will also be on the packaging or box. This is an important mark for sending and receiving goods. You can buy the stamp "Delivery" in this section of our site. If you regularly use shipping, you will need to use this product. Stamp "Delivery" is a must-have item in modern office work. The product leaves a rectangular mark, with the word "Delivery" inside. In this section of the site you can order a high-quality stamp made by TempStamp specialists. Specify the dimensions of the product, select the stamp accessories and place an order. In the near future, a new stamp of our own production will be delivered to the specified address. You can pay for the purchase and start using this product. "
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