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"Stamp "Outgoing №""

"Stamp "Outgoing №""

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" "Outgoing №" Stamp (Outgoing Number) is often used to stamp some documents. When you need to take some documents from the archive of a company or organization, and send it to another place, you need to fix and mark it. To do this, use a special stamp that leaves a rectangular sign and the word "Outgoing №" . The number and date of the document is written next to it. This process is mandatory and all company employees who wish to take important documents must get a stamp in a special department. You can buy the stamp "Outgoing №" on our site. Specialists of the Temp & Stamp company are engaged in the manufacture and creation of all kinds of stamps . Now you are in the right section of our site. Indicate the required number of products, stamp sizes and accessories. Thus, you can quickly make a purchase and get the required number of products. All stamps are made in accordance with the standards and established standards of office work. You are guaranteed to receive a quality product that will serve your company for many years. On the Temp & Stamp website, you can order other types of stamps and seals. Contact the manufacturer directly and order quality products at competitive prices. "
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