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"Stamp "True copy" with the date"

"Stamp "True copy" with the date"

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" "True copy" stamp (with a date) is often used to create copies of some documents. For example, if you need to get an official copy of the work book or a copy of important papers, you make a copy, put a special stamp and the registration date. The date is needed when the relevance of the document is important or it has a working term. A special stamp is required to process such documents. Specialists of the TempStamp company offer stamps of own production. By purchasing products in our company, you minimize your outlay and save time. You do not have to search the networks of intermediaries and overpay for additional cooperation. In this section, indicate the required stamp sizes, accessories and the required number of products. Delivery of the order will be carried out quickly, in time, to the specified address. You will be able to begin operation of stamps. "
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