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"Stamp "True copy" with a signature"

"Stamp "True copy" with a signature"

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" "True copy" stamp (with a signature ) is used to stamp copies of documents. You can see several types of stamps "True copy" , among them there are: a usual mark, with a date and a signature. For each individual case, taking into account the subtleties and nuances of office work, a specific product is used. So, for example, for ordinary documents the stamp "True copy"is used. If the document has a working term or relevance, the stamp may be with a date. In those frequent cases when you need the signature of the person in charge, you need another product for marking. You can buy the "True copy" stamp with a signature in this section of the site. This is a quality product made by Temp Stamp specialists. This stamp leaves a rectangular imprint with the inscription "True copy" and a place intended for signature. When you create a copy of important document on which you will need to leave a signature, you can use this product. "True copy" stamp with signature is made in accordance with all standards and established standards, all parameters, stroke thickness, font are met. And after many years of using the stamp, the clarity of the imprint will not change. "
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