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"Stamp "True copy""

"Stamp "True copy""

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When creating copies of some documents, you need to officially confirm their compliance with the original. To do this, use the "True copy" stamp. This is an official stamp that confirms the accuracy of a copy in comparison with the original. This product has standard sizes. After the print, a rectangular sign remains on the paper with the phrase "True copy" inside. The stamp is used by many organizations.

You can order the "True copy" stamp in this section of the Temp Stamp website. Now you do not need to spend a lot of time for search in specialized stores, which are not many, or order the product on the World Wide Web through intermediaries. By placing an order on the site, you are guaranteed to receive products of decent quality. Indicate the size of the stamp, equipment and the required number of products. You can put into operation new stamps and provide everything you need for the work of your company.

Temp Stamp prefer the high quality materials, and the "True copy" stamp will serve you and your company for many years. Using a special filler, you can mark important copies of documents. Order the right stamps right now. "
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