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"Stamp "Copy""

"Stamp "Copy""

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" "Copy" Stamp is used to stamp some documents as standard. When you create a copy of an important document, instructions or make a copy of some papers, you need to note where the copy is and where the original is. This is very important, because the original may be lost in general documents and you will have to restore it. To avoid confusion, the standard "Copy" stamp was created, leaving a corresponding mark on the papers. You can buy the "Copy" stamp in our TempStamp company. This section presents the original product with standard sizes, shapes and font. This stamp leaves an accurate and clear inscription on the paper. By purchasing this product, you can actively use it. All employees will be able to take copies of some documents, rules or instructions. A new "Copy" stamp is available. When ordering this product, you can quickly get it using the delivery service directly to the office. When ordering products here, you are guaranteed to receive a quality stamp for long-term operation. "
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