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"Stamp "Received""

"Stamp "Received""

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When you receive a certain product, package or business mail, you need to specify it. In modern execution of documents this purpose serves a special stamp. It will help you mark the packages and documents that you have already received. This is an important mark that will allow you to quickly process incoming mail.

You can buy the stamp “Received” in this section of our website. You are presented with an original high-quality product made in accordance with the necessary standards and norms. You can use it in work with papers, parcels and received documents. Specialists of the TempStamp company are manufacturers of the presented products. You have the opportunity to buy a quality product at a bargain price.

To make a purchase, you need to specify the required number of products, choose equipment and dimensions of the stamp. Since the product is available, it will be quickly delivered to your Moscow office. "
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