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"Stamp "Agreed" with the signature"

"Stamp "Agreed" with the signature"

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"Each project or work of a team of professionals must be coordinated and agreed by senior management. They confirm and authorize the beginning of the work and the beginning of the project. After preparing and checking documents for a new project, if it is fully suitable, you need to leave a stamp on the document. The project must have a special mark signed by the responsible person. You can buy a new stamp “Agreed” with a signature in this section of our website. This is a high quality product made to all standards and norms. You can use this stamp to regularly stamp important documents and projects. This product will last a very long time, as it is made of high quality and durable materials. Please note that the stamp is available. You can order it with delivery to the office. Experienced specialists of our company "Temp Stamp" are the manufacturer of all products presented on the site. You can also choose other high quality stamping products. Follow standards and always use stamps when working with documents. "
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