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"Stamp "Done""

"Stamp "Done""

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"There are many types of stamps for stamping documents. In this section of our website, you have the opportunity to buy the stamp “Done.” Like all other stamps in the paper work section, this product leaves a rectangular impression on the paper with the word “Done” inside. It is used to stamp documents that have been verified. It’s convenient, symbolic and practical. According to established standards, each project should have a similar stamp. It means the completion of work and dictates the further fate of the project. For example, if the deadlines for the project were overdue, the stamp “Overdue” should be left on the document. So, the boss has to call the employee to find out the reasons for the failure to complete the task. Another stamp "Done" is placed in cases when all documents were handed over in time, in accordance with the rules and requirements. When you look at documents and projects, you can see what has been done or not done. Specialists of the Temp Stamp company offer you to order a stamp made in accordance with all standards. In the section you can specify the size and the required number of products. "
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