Technical Control


Before shipping all of our products, we check its performance. Heaters turn on at full capacity. We make a test impression of a cliche. Impact stamps are tested by a three-fold strike on the relevant material. 

In this case, the color of brass stamps may change. This is a normal process.
The heating elements burn out grease residues and they can smoke for a short time. This is also a normal process.

If the appearance of a new product is important to you, let us know in the notes to the order.




Warranty for our products - cliches, heaters, seals and stamps is 1 year from the date of sale.

The beginning of the warranty period starts from the date of purchase by the user.

TempStamp company guarantees in the delivered products the absence of obvious and hidden manufacturing defects caused by low-quality raw materials and materials, violation of the process of manufacturing, assembly and packaging of products.
In the event that a defect arising from our fault is detected in the products, TempStamp undertakes to eliminate the identified deficiencies in the manner prescribed by the Guarantee Obligations and the Law on Consumer Protection.
In accordance with the warranty, the company TempStamp of its choice - will repair the product, or replace the product with a new or restored. Other ways of fulfillment of obligations are not provided.

We guarantee the non-proliferation of your personal data.


Non-warranty cases

The manufacture of modification or repair of products by third parties, is the basis for the termination of the warranty.
Non-guaranteed products are not used for its intended purpose or in violation of the rules of operation, namely: :
- Burning the stigma of flammable, explosive materials.
- Stamping of leather, wood, and others. Soft materials with extraneous solid elements (nails, screws, clips, buttons, etc.)
- Applying impact stamps to a material is harder than a shock stamp.
- Mechanical damage as a result of falling, overheating, exposure to aggressive media.
Corrosion due to improper storage

The warranty does not apply to consumables, heating elements, soldering irons, equipment.