3d engraving wood picture

3d engraving wood picture

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  • Width: 210.
  • Length: 210.



Width: 210;
Length: 210;

Modern man has to spend most of his time on the daily routine of gray, monotonous workdays. Therefore, it is so important for him to create coziness and comfort at home, that after a hard day come to his native corner and get aesthetic satisfaction. As they say, native walls are treated, and that these walls still delight the eye, we suggest decorating them with 3D paintings made of wood. The tree has been valued long ago, it is considered a noble material for artistic products. Warmth, comfort, naturalness, which carries a voluminous picture of wood, will not leave indifferent the most spoiled connoisseur of beauty. The subject of a voluminous picture can serve, like the arms of the country, for the design of the office, and a copy of the famous works of famous world artists. In principle, a person can draw a picture that he wants to see in a picture of a tree in a voluminous image.
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