Personal Pet ID Tags for Dogs and Cats. 00-01022542 - buy in the TempStamp online store at good prices!
"Personal Pet ID Tags for Dogs and Cats"

Personal Pet ID Tags for Dogs and Cats

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Dimensions: 28x28x27 mm; 30x27 mm. We offer an ID Tag in the form of paw or a bone.Do you have a pet, which is something more than just a dog or cat, but is a member of your family. Then its safety is very important for you. Every day in the world more than fifteen pets disappear. They run away from the owners, get lost in a crowd of strangers, on a busy avenue, remain face to face with street dangers that await them everywhere. Every day, fifteen families feel the pain of losing a pet, and reproach themselves. We are responsible for those who are tamed, and we are obliged to provide maximum safety to our beloved pet. But the question arises: how to do this? Keeping on a leash all the time or not letting a pet out is not possible, then what? There is a solution, and it is quite simple and time-consuming: it’s worth buying an personal Pet ID Tag A thing that is not expensive enough and acceptable for each owner of a furry comrade will give the four-legged collar originality and reduce its ability to get lost. In appearance, the personal Pet ID Tag is nothing more than a small metal plate that is attached to the collar of a dog or cat. On our site you can choose personal Pet ID Tags of various shapes and sizes - the range pleases with the variety and large amount of this product. It can be either a banal standard rectangular plate, or a personal Pet ID Tag in the shape of a heart, bone, star, paw, moon, etc. Once you’ve decided on the model of the personal Pet ID Tag you must provide the data that you would like to see on the plate. Next, we print an engraving with the address or phone number of the pet owner on your chosen token, as you wish. If you attach a metal addressee or animal badge with contact details stamped on your dog’s collar, in case of loss of the animal, not indifferent people can easily inform you about the location of your loss. Moreover, it will serve as a chic decoration for your faithful friend. The not expensive, beautiful, and certainly useful thing is personal Pet ID Tag An amazing metal plate, no more than two millimeters thick, can give the owner peace of mind for the safety of his naughty Rascal !!!
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