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Automated pneumothermopress

Automated pneumothermopress

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Dimensions:Height: 430 mm;Length: 300 mm;Width: 300 mm;Automated pneumatic press is designed for hot stamping or burning of various materials with high repeatability of results. It allows you to control 3 parameters at the same time - exposure time (embossing, burning), surface temperature, pressure force. The performance of the device depends on the time set on the timer.Starting is carried out using the button or pedal (it frees the operator's hands).The case is made of 3 mm steel, which ensures rigidity. It requires connection to a 220 V network and compressed air (pressure 0.4 MPa, input diameter 8 mm) - an ordinary household compressor. Scope: foil stamping, wood burning, marking of parts, hot stamping, thermal transfer, printing information on polymers.We can make a similar device to order according to your size.Completely made by Tempstamp experts. RF
Feature Value
Supply Voltage 200V \ 50Hz
Power 500 watts
Performance up to 50 burns per minute
Exposure Time Adjustable by timer
cliche Temperature 50-450 ° C
Worktop 100x60 mm
Piston Stroke 40 mm
Gross Weight 15 kg
Overall dimensions: 300x300x430 mm
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