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"Leather revolver hole punch tool"

Leather revolver hole punch tool

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Width: 80;
Length: 180;

Puncher turret for the skin is an indispensable tool in the arsenal of any tanner.

First and foremost, a puncher is a tool with a roller part that contains teeth of different sizes, is made of metal and plastic. Purpose: piercing holes or otherwise - creating neat round holes in various products made of leather (mostly straps, bags or jackets). In special cases, it is used for processing paper, cardboard, dense fabric and soft plastic. The polyfunctionality of a puncher is the presence of spines of different diameters.

When your activity is related to the manufacture of leather goods or the repair of clothes or shoes - then a manual turret puncher is simply necessary for rapid processing of the material!

How often for puncturing holes in a conventional leather belt we used improvised means? And how often such experiments ended up with just a spoiled good thing. Using a hole punch, you will create the correct hole for the tongue, and the buckle will be tightly fixed, will not sag and hang. The revolving punch is the most suitable tool for this!

Hole diameters 3; 3.5; 4; 4.5; 5; 5.5 mm

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