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"Embossing foil"

Embossing foil

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The embossing method is the basis of typography, it is one of the three whales of the modern printing, it all began with it. Today, this method of applying the image has not outlived itself and is in demand, of course, “slightly” improved with the help of innovative technologies. Several types of embossing are distinguished depending on the chosen image extrusion technology: foil embossing, blind embossing and multi-level embossing. The most common type that is most often used in printing houses is foil embossing , using a hot cliche. How is everything going? Cliche, under the influence of temperature or without it, pushes the desired image on the surface of the product, on which, in advance, several layers of specialized foil are laid. From temperature and pressure, one of the layers of foil remains on the product in the form of a metal print. In the old days, instead of foil, the craftsmen used the thinnest layer of gold leaf, and squeezed a drawing on the covers of books. It is not difficult to guess that the minus of this method is the high cost of materials, so people have found a more acceptable alternative option - embossing foil. The structure of modern embossing foil is a polymer base on which a metallized layer is applied, and then a glutinous nano material. Accordingly, the wider the range of foil, the bolder and more interesting design ideas.
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