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Chocolate bar mold

Chocolate bar mold

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A master-model of a chocolate bar made of brass for the subsequent removal of polymer casting matrices.It is a brass smooth sheet of medium hardness with a size of 110x110x10mm (the price is for this particular one, we have already done it) with an in-depth forward (not reverse) image applied. Thanks to our highly automated equipment, we are able to adjust the number of lines per millimeter, which means set any engraving depth [url00-01018031] of the metal matrix [/ url00-01018031]. The slot depth is 3 mm, the logo engraving depth is 1 mm. This type of engraving makes it possible to produce a volumetric finished drawing that does not require post processing. Using this technology, it is possible to make various textured cliches, jewelry stamps, metal matrix , punches, molds for [url00-01017235] press [/ url00-01017235], stamps for metal, molding forms, [url00 -01018182] master model for casting [/ url00-01018182]. The technology has found its application in science, to perform various non-standard tasks of scientific societies and institutions. As for the cost of creating a metal master model, it is quite affordable and acceptable. On our site you can find all the prices of these positions.
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