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"Graphite electrode engraving"

"Graphite electrode engraving"

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"Width: 54;Length: 54;Graphite is often used in the production of various large solid products and small parts. Many industries of our country use such technical characteristics of this substance like excellent heat resistance, high resistance to corrosion and aggressive environment. In graphite, resistance to water solution with high acidity is much higher than that of most precious metals, which is why the production of graphite electrodes is so widespread. Why do we need electrodes? Graphite electrodes are able to create electrical pulses, and this fact is actively used in heavy industry during the processing stage. Due to the structural composition, the electrodes are erosion resistant. If we study the composition of the electrodes more deeply, it becomes clear that most of the specific gravity has carbon - graphite. The electrodes have a dark silver color like a simple metal. It should be noted its high efficiency and low consumption in operation. Today, many enterprises are engaged in the production of electrodes, however, any industrial product of this kind needs to be labeled. You can apply all the necessary information to the electrode with a simple paint, but this is not durable and the image quality is not high enough. We offer high quality graphite electrode engraving. Engraving is performed on the latest, highly efficient, automated equipment (CNC engraving and milling machines). Using engraving on graphite electrodes it is possible to apply numbering, date and time of issue, expiration date, manufacturer logos, encoding. We guarantee absolute accuracy of the applied image. If you wish, you can apply a 2D and 3D image. Contact us and you will receive high-precision engraving of graphite electrodes at affordable prices.
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