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"Stone engraving"

Stone engraving

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Stone engraving is the application of an image on the surface by machining. In this section we will consider the unique and elegant stone carving! Stone engraving processing dates back to prehistoric times, when the masters with a chisel and a hammer knocked out real works of art - ornaments, letters, portraits, landscapes and much more. In different eras, connoisseurs of stone beauty have always generously paid for skillfully executed engraving. Stone engraving best brings you closer to the origins of the craft? The noble appearance that the breed takes after processing does not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated customers. Amazing curly patterns, ethnic ornaments, funny and original drawings of any complexity - our masters can do all of them! Using advanced technologies, devices and computer graphics, skilled stone engraving specialists create first-class interior additions, lovely gifts and souvenirs. And all of them made from a strong and durable stone! The masters of our company, who have a lot of work behind them, will help with the choice of design and create the engraving you need in the most suitable time. Three reasons to choose an unusual stone engraving : 1. A drawing, pattern or inscription will never be erased from the surface of a stone. The image, like the material itself, is not subject to aging and abrasion. 2. On such material, and modern art, authentic drawing and vintage will look really cool and unusual. Even the Buckingham Palace could be proud to have such a worthy present. 3. The main charm of engraving on stone is its centuries-old attractive beauty, which can not only emphasize the character and taste of its owner, but also surprise even the most experienced esthetes.
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