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"Engraving on Badges"

Engraving on Badges

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Width: 25;Length: 60;In the manufacture of promotional souvenirs so that the image is not erased and remains high-quality, the engraving method is increasingly used. This method consists in applying an inscription, ornament, drawing mechanically or manually on the surface of stone, wood, metal, glass. When engraving, the material is processed by cutting, and the pattern can be deepened or convex (embossed). Our company offers you the manufacture and development of engraving design on badges. Badges are metal plates worn around a neck with a chain; they are mainly issued to military personnel and may contain information about a soldier's name, surname, identification number, blood type, etc. Currently, badges are used in a peaceful lifestyle, this is a fashionable and stylish accessory and a wonderful, unique gift. Engraving on badges is the most common and modern way of applying any pattern or inscription to a badge. The text of the inscription can be either army (surname, name, date of birth, blood type, Rhesus factor, number ...) and other contents with a variety of inscriptions (important information, dates, initials, nickname, address, phone number,sayings, quotes, prayers and more.) and with any vector image. Engraving on badges is done manually or on a CNC machine. It is applied by a master calligrapher and only a special engraving tool is tried on, with the help of which the engraving on the badges will be bright, high-quality and eternal. Engraving on badges will be a wonderful gift for your loved one, as a stylish accessory.
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