Engraving seal plates for lead sealing pliers . 00-01022687 - buy in the TempStamp online store at good prices!
"Engraving seal plates  for lead sealing pliers "

Engraving seal plates for lead sealing pliers

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In this section of our site tempstamp.ru, you will find one of the services we provide - Engraving seal plates for lead sealing pliers . The lead sealing pliers are necessary to make a seal and check the safety of an object. Every day we see sealed rooms, electrical appliances, various meters, fire extinguishers, etc. Valuable luggage with expensive items in it, collection bags, control sensors and measurement: all this needs to be sealed. Every employee in government agencies deals with the application of seals several times a day. It is also necessary to seal rooms and faulty measuring instruments to limit their operation and avoid an accident or incorrect measurement. The procedure for this event is fixed in the Federal Law of the Russian Federation for each object. On the seal can be shown digital codes, inscriptions, drawings according to standard parameters, as well as according to the design of an individual customer order. The image is transferred to the seal by imprinting the seal plate . And with the help of engraving, the desired pattern, text or code is applied by mechanical engraving. Engraving seal plates for lead sealing pliers is quite a quick procedure and takes a little less than an hour. The main secret that the transferred image on the plates remains clear and not erased is the high-quality steel for them.
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