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"Name carved of  plywood"

Name carved of plywood

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Width: 150;
Length: 300;

Today it is very popular to arrange family or individual photo sessions on the background of an interesting and bright decor. One of the most popular design options is various words cut from plywood (for example, names). Each name is made either according to ready-made templates, or according to the client’s own layout. Size, color, font of the product, type of fastening - all of it is selected individually. Names are made using 3D wood carvings. This technique allows you to super precisely cut the most complex fonts with small carved details. After the carving, inscription is coated with a resistant and safe paint, which will not be erased over time, even under direct sunlight, water, etc. The names of bride and groom skillfully carved from plywood, very often adorn the walls and wedding tables. Using such name plates, you can easily cope with the designation of places at the tables for guests by ordering plates with the name of each guest. Name labels are especially harmonious if they are made in the same color as the entire festive interior. Plywood nameplates can decorate absolutely any holiday: corporate party, birthday, christening, anniversary, etc. Everyone will be pleased to see such a holiday decoration.

Today the photo shoots are very fashionable. The higher the professional level of the photographer, the more interesting his studio is, and there are more sets and costumes in it. Due to the fact that the background sets the mood for the whole composition, photographers often use colored names made of plywood as a decor and design for their studio rooms. With this decor, the photos are unusual, original and mischievous.

It is very easy to create cozy and warm home by decorating your interior with the bright names of family members, placing them near the photos, or hanging them on a wall. Such an interior item will add style and beauty to your apartment or home.

One of the services provided by our company is 3 D woodcarving. We guarantee fast and high-quality production of names from plywood at affordable prices.

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