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"Groove-cutting tool for leather"

Groove-cutting tool for leather

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Width: 30;
Length: 140;

Handicrafts have always been valued much more than factory, conveyor goods. Anything handmade always makes a good impression because it is saturated with soul, love and live energy in every detail. The most valuable handicraft is Hand Made from genuine leather. Today, many private workshops produce exclusive leather goods. Elegant items like leather key holders, handbags, belts, leather notepads, wallets are really great expensive and stylish gifts. Every day people surf the Internet searching tools for leather. None leather handmade project can be done without a Groove-cutting tool for leather. This device helps the skilled hands of a specialist to cut through the grooves, draw dashed lines of marking (grooves) on a delicate surface of the leather for a beautiful seam. The L-shaped stopper lets to draw dashed lines or to make grooves at a certain distance from the edge of the leather. The distance can be changed by adjusting the locking screw located on the side of the tool. However, it is not necessary to snap to the edge, since the L-shaped stopper is a removable part of the tool. It should be noted that the clarity of work with this tool depends on the selected angle of inclination of the device relative to the surface of the material, most often experienced specialists choose the inclination “for themselves”. At the same time, pressure on the leather does not need to be too strong, so the tool is designed in such a way that while working with it, you do not need to apply excessive pressure, and even a child can cope with it. It is very convenient for them to apply parallel straight furrows along the edge of the leather.

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