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"Impact stamps (numbers)"
Numeric and alphabetic stamps sets of numbers and letters
Impact stamps for marking steel products are made of steel, hardened and designed for marking metal products by impact. As a rule, the impact stamp is a stick with a length of 80 ... 120 mm with a pattern applied on the top. The height of the relief is usually 0.3 ... 1.0 mm.
Possible use:
-for marking gas cylinders
-for marking and numbering of metal parts of cars and mechanisms
- as a personal stamp of the welder
The size of the pattern should be as small as possible. Since the area of ??contact between the stamp and the part is reduced respectively, so less impact is required.
The part must be firmly fixed during stamping or be enough massive. The place for the stamp should be flat. Otherwise, you cannot get a high-quality print.
The pattern should have a sharp crest everywhere without any thickenings. Exceptions are stamp specially made for working with soft metals (aluminum, copper, hot metal, etc.).
The pattern should be placed symmetrically with respect to the longitudinal axis of the stamp. So the impact will be evenly spread and the line width of the pattern will be the same everywhere.
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