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"Hot stamp for branding"

Hot stamp for branding

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Width: 50;Length: 50;In the conditions of enormous competition in our time, in any sales market, it is very important that the buyer remembers and seeks to purchase exactly your product. An indispensable tool for achieving this result is branding . This direction of outdoor advertising involves the application of an image or logo on the product, causing an association exclusively with a particular manufacturer. One way to brand is to stamp the logo of the company . A similar distinguishing mark of the brand can be applied to such convenient for branding materials as genuine leather, plastic, cardboard or eco-leather. The brand logo on diaries, key holders, card holders or on the covers of gift information booklets can become a very profitable advertisement. Also, branding will highlight and emphasize the peculiarity of a purse, bag or portfolio. Our company has the capacity to develop branding stamps , and for its subsequent production. The size of the product is 50x50mm, but if necessary, it is possible to manufacture a larger size, maximum 800x600 mm. The metal from which the stamp is made can be either brass or magnesium, which properties provide significant wear resistance and durability to the product. Depending on the material to be branded, in particular on its ability to tolerate high temperatures, it is possible to use hot or cold stamping. During hot stamping, the mark is attached to the heater, which can also be selected in the subcategory stamps for burning out on our website. Branding using stamping will allow you to make the design of any leather item unique and presentable, increasing and strengthening your image in the consumer's eyes.
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