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"Stamp Ice"

"Stamp Ice"

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Cliche profile: flat;
Cliche profile: concave;
Cliche profile: convex;


"Width: 40;
Length: 10;
Brand for ice, ice cubes. Bartenders, restaurants and baristas will be useful.
The label allows to apply the logo of the institution on ice for drinks.
The ice stamp may be of two kinds:
1. Flat - suitable for ice cubes
2. Concave, convex - for ice of spherical shape

You will also need a clich? handle from the < a target = "blank _" href = "https://tempstamp.ru/product/ruchka-bukovaya-dlya-instrumenta.html" > tree or < a target = "blank _" href = "https://tempstamp.ru/product/ruchka-alyuminievaya-dlya-klishe.html" > aluminum .
We can offer ready-made solutions to create a < a target = "blank _" href = "https://tempstamp.ru/statya/30/" > brand style restaurant, bar and caf?. "
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