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"Stigma marking burning hives"

Stigma marking burning hives

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Width: 50;
Length: 70; Burn mark for hives will be a wonderful gift for both the hive manufacturer or beekeeper and the beekeeper!
The marking burned out on the hive’s body will become not only an assistant in organizing your product, but also additional advertising. This way of implementing your project will really raise your earnings and create an additional customer base!
Each master knows when each hive is numbered and has its own article, it’s much easier to work and keep documentation.
When it comes to marking of beehives, you need to pay attention to the quality of the mark, its area, color, as well as the service life of such markings. Sometimes for marking on beehives they use ordinary paint or just stick paper.
Burning markings with the help of a mark guarantees a long-term, company, unique print that will distinguish the hive with rich black color and relief. The mark for marking beehives works on the principle of a soldering iron for burning graphic structures on wood.
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