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"Stamp for the pallet OVAL "

"Stamp for the pallet OVAL "

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  • "Width: 60 mm.
  • Length: 100 mm.



"Width: 60 mm;
Length: 100 mm;

A stamp for a pallet in an oval frame with your text or logo

The most important transport element of various enterprises involved in the production, manufacture, storage, transportation, etc., is a pallet. Most often, pallets are wooden - pine, aspen, birch, spruce and others. Nowadays, plastic pallets are used with wooden pallets, too.

Since the pallet, like any other product, has its own standards, requirements and state standards, Euro pallets must be marked accordingly.
The pallet-stamp OVAL with arbitrary symbols is made of brass, which is a high-quality material.
The steel mark is made by electroerosion. Material - Steel 3. The profile height of the letters is 1.5-2mm. It is possible to make various fasteners based on your needs. As a heater you can use thermal stamp or gas soldering iron .
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