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"Stamp for tires"

Stamp for tires

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Width: 40;Length: 70; Few wheel purchasers pay attention to their markings prior to acquiring products. This is especially valuable when buying tires from the secondary market. Indeed, it is the signs affixed by the manufacturer on the wheel that contain the most complete information about the product, which is often the only way to avoid acquiring a fake. So what do the symbols on the wheel mean? First of all, they inform the tire buyer about the manufacturer (this can be either a trademark or the name of the manufacturer). It also indicates the mark of quality control and the sign of compliance of the tire with the state standard. Mandatory in the tire marking is information about the rim width and seat diameter. In addition, the mark on the tire can indicate the size of the tire and its category, its seasonality, tire load index, heat resistance at high speeds, braking ability on a wet surface and much more. And such an enormous amount of information about the tire becomes convenient and accessible thanks to the method, proven by centuries, - branding. Marking of rubber surfaces is carried out by stamping under the influence of high temperatures. The TempStamp company, with considerable experience, will help in the development and production of products of various shapes and sizes for tire branding . Also in the section Burning we provide a choice of heating elements on which the mark is fixed. Brand for tires can be made of brass or magnesium, which is the key to its quality factor, strength and durability. Our production allows the size of the stamp for tires to vary from 15x15mm to 800x600mm. The most popular products for marking of tires in car services , as well as at tire service. Branding of tires helps such enterprises not only to fully and thoroughly inform customers about the goods being sold, but also to popularize their work by burning their name or logo on the tire. Thus, when ordering products for labeling from our company, the consumer can be sure of the quality of the Stamps for tires and their reliability. How to choose a heater for a cliche?
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