Stamp for a steak (with a set of letters). 00-01022903 - buy in the TempStamp online store at good prices!
"Stamp for a steak (with a set of letters)"

Stamp for a steak (with a set of letters)

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Width: 41;Height: 410;Length: 88;
The steak stamp (with a set of letters) is not only a useful device that can help in creating original gastronomic masterpieces. It can also be an excellent gift for the cook, will favorably complement the arsenal of kitchen accessories in a restaurant or at home. Anyone interested in making juicy meat creations should necessarily buy a stamp for steak.
This product can not only increase the rating of your institution, but also can help to attract new customers.
The stamp contains 55 letters of the Latin alphabet: R - 4, O - 4, L - 4, M - 3, I - 3, A - 3, T - 3, S - 3, D - 3, B - 2, C - 2 , F - 2, N - 2, U - 2, E - 2, Y - 2, H - 2, P - 2, G - 1, X - 1, V - 1, K - 1, J - 1, Z - 1, Q - 1 and 8 spaces
Holder Length 41 cm
Letter height - 1 cm

We decided to test the product of our Chinese friends. We typed our logo from letters and put it on the coals.
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At first they were careful, but then the brand was placed in the very heat. The springs held weakly and all the letters fell into the brazier. After the operation to rescue them, they consolidated them more reliably and continued.
The hot mark surely burns out on a steak, but there are a couple of nuances. The meat should lie on a flat surface and slightly swing the handle when burning.
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Of the minuses, a low profile of letters can be called, because of which the edges of the holder are cauterized, leaving stripes.
All in all, we got pretty original steaks.
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