Stamp for burning the month and year swiveling. 00-01022783 - buy in the TempStamp online store at good prices!
"Stamp for burning the month and year swiveling"

Stamp for burning the month and year swiveling

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Length: 30;

Our online store collected about two thousand original stamps, seals and a stamp for burning. Among this all variety is the < strong > month-and-year burning stigma has unique properties. With what?
First, the turning stigma for burning is solely by its size. It is small - the size is 30 mm and yet it is such clich?s that guarantee the highest quality impression.

Second, the excellent engraving of the convex image of the digits, on a metal basis, provides a successful marking every time, when using a stamp.

Third, the turning properties of the clich? digital panel allow you to < strong > change the combination of numbers without problems and easily select the necessary ones.

Such clich?s are often used to mark products with a dissectable shelf life (for example, if it is a wooden food packaging). Also, the month-and-year mark for burning will be extremely useful if it is important for production < strong > to indicate a production date .

Choosing a marking tool is important to remember that only burning leaves an indelible mark on the surface of the tree. Neither paint nor paper nor stickers have the same lasting effect as < strong > burn marking .

We use brass, magnesium, steel and alloys from non-ferrous metals to make the stamp, treating them on our own carpentry equipment. If necessary, such a stamp may be supplemented by a heating probe.

Specialists of our company will produce a stamp within 3 days.

We offer low prices and progressive ideas!

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