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"Hot stamp ISPM 15"

Hot stamp ISPM 15

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Width: 35;Length: 105; Deciphering the ISPM 15 mark (ISPM 15)

IPPC Symbol (Spikelet)
The design of the symbol should be as similar as possible to the symbol shown in the picture, and should be located on the left of other elements. Country Code (XX)
The country code should be the two-number code of the International Standards Organization (ISO) of the country. It must be separated by a hyphen from the code of the material manufacturer or processing manufacturer. Material manufacturer or processing manufacturer code (000)
The code of the material manufacturer or processing manufacturer is a unique code assigned by the NPPO ( National quarantine and plant protection organization in the Russian Federation - Rosselkhoznadzor) to the manufacturer of wood packaging material or to the processing manufacturer who uses this label, or to another entity who is responsible to the NPPO for ensuring that only and properly labeled properly processed wood. The number and order of numbers and / or letters in the code is established by the NPPO.

Processing code (YY)
The processing code is the abbreviation adopted by the IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention) for the approved measure applied. The processing code must appear after the combined country codes and the material manufacturer or processing manufacturer. It must be on a line separate from the country code and the code of the material manufacturer or processing manufacturer, or separated by a hyphen if it is located on the same line with other codes.

NT - Heat treatment
MB - Fumigation with methyl bromide
DH - Dielectric Heating
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