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"Stamp of master"

Stamp of master

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Width: 30;
Length: 30;
An interesting new addition to the Temp Stamp collection!
As you know, the stamp of master is intended for drawing graphic signs and symbols according to the principle of wood burning.
Stamp of master - a kind of locksmith tool that has become a popular trend in European countries. Its distinguishing feature is an exceptional and unique cliche design!
On the face of the stamp should be applied the personal signature or tag of the master. Thus, a new structure appears to be responsible for additional protection of your products from fakes. Stamp of master , made by TempStamp specialists, preserves authenticity and originality of the signature without changing it. We are sure that professionals, who want to highlight the product of their craft, will like the brand. Indeed, with the help of the stamp of master you can not only draw the attention of new customers while developing your business, but also establish yourself in the eyes of your competitors as a specialist who is completely dedicated to his business!
Since the stamp of master is made of high-quality non-ferrous metals, we guarantee the long service life of the product and the high quality of the applied elements.
The product presented above can be heated both from external heat, whether it is a burner, a fire, or from an electric heater.
How to choose a heater for a cliche?
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