Removable hot branding iron: day, month, year. 00-01029519 - buy in the TempStamp online store at good prices!
Removable hot branding iron: day, month, year

Removable hot branding iron: day, month, year

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Often in production there is the task of marking the date on the product itself or its packaging. The easiest way to implement this is on a pneumatic press with a numbering head. But if the product does not fit under the press, or marking must be applied directly to the rack, then we recommend that you use the brand with replaceable symbols fixed on branding . Dater for burning out can have an invariable part, several digits for a year, month and day, as well as any other symbols, signs and images.
Change of characters is possible hot when using heat-protective gloves.
Replaceable characters are fastened with a T - groove preventing them from falling out. On the sides, the numbers are fixed with clamps.
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