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Stamp ISO

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Width: 40;Length: 40;The Standard is a document that sets out the requirements, guidelines or specifications, characteristics in accordance with which products, materials, processes and services are suitable for these purposes. ISO ( International Organization of Standardization) is an international standardization organization. Its goal is to support the development of standards, testing and certification, which are aimed at developing trade in quality products and services around the world. International standards ISO ensures that products and services are safe, reliable and of high quality. These standards are strategic tools for reducing costs, thereby minimizing waste and errors and increasing productivity. ISO standards help enterprises gain access to new markets and promote free international trade. The Stamp ISO is used to mark products that have passed certification. To do this, you should contact any external certification body, as ISO itself does not conduct certification procedures. Product marking with the ISO mark is made on financial, technical and other documentation, on containers or packaging, on advertising materials or on the product itself, which has been certified for compliance with the requirements of the ISO series of standards. The Stamp ISO helps the manufacturer indicate to the consumer the high level of quality of his product, the high level of the enterprise, and also increases its competitiveness. The buyer, in turn, focusing on the stamp ISO , can choose among the analogues the best product. Consequently, product labeling with the Stamp ISO is beneficial to both the manufacturer and the buyer.
Manufacturing technology of percussion stamps
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