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"Stamp for  pallets "EUR""

Stamp for pallets EUR

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Width: 60 mm;Length: 100 mm;The “EUR” sign is burned out on the checkers of the pallet and indicates that this pallet corresponds to the dimensions and carrying capacity adopted in European standards.We can make a stamp for marking a pallet with the “EUR” sign in steel or brass.The advantage of the brass stamp can be called corrosion resistance, better thermal conductivity and favorable price.Steel stamps are notable for their mechanical strength, they are difficult to overheat and their service life is usually longer.The stamp can be heated with: Before working, make sure that temperature conditions are observed.
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    Качественно сделано, нагреватель лучше заказать по мощнее


    Качественно сделано, нагреватель лучше заказать по мощнее
  2. 4.8/ 5
    Хороший товар

Хорошо и качественно