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"Stamp for Steak"

Stamp for Steak

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Width: 50;Length: 50;In expensive restaurants, they mark the finished meat with the logo of this restaurant, which not only delights customers, but also shows the quality and uniqueness of this dish. This stamp is called a monogram or steak mark. Our company makes stamps for steak from food brass, 12 mm thick. We will help you create the brand design that is most beneficial for this product. Your restaurant logo will look great on a fragrant and juicy steak. This stamp is used not only in restaurants, it can be ordered as a gift to a loved one for a holiday. This is an unusual surprise that will be remembered for a long time and will come in handy more than once. Imagine how surprised the guests are if they are served food with your “signature” on it. Our company will take care of the exclusivity and quality of the stamps.
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