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"Stamp for embossing on a diary"

Stamp for embossing on a diary

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Width: 30;Length: 20;Our company offers you the development and manufacture of stamps for embossing on a diary. One of the most famous methods of applying an image on a leather product is embossing. There are three main types of embossing, cliches for which we produce: - Blind embossing (blind) is a type of embossing in which the image on the diary is obtained by pressing the stamp into the surface. It is mainly used to highlight a picture or a semantic inscription on a product. This stamping is done without the use of foil. -Congreve stamping is the application of the image on the surface of the diary with the help of a heated stamp, which as a result gives a concave or convex pattern on the finished product. Such embossing looks very beautiful due to the fact that light and shadow perfectly emphasize the relief and emphasizes the logo, picture or inscription on the diary. - Foil embossing is very popular. The foil, under the pressure of a heated cliche, firmly connects to the surface of the diary, leaving a pre-designed impression. Depending on what type of foil you choose, the embossing will be glossy and matte, silver, gold-plated or mixed. We make a stamp for embossing on a diary of magnesium and brass in our own production. Our stamp will allow you to make your products unique, and a relief print will emphasize the sophistication of the image.
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