Stamp for embossing on the camera strap. 00-01022499 - buy in the TempStamp online store at good prices!
"Stamp for embossing on the camera strap"

Stamp for embossing on the camera strap

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Width: 40;Length: 200;The most common finishing for leather products is embossing. The tool for embossing on the leather is a stamp (cliche). Embossing is used for decoration or for advertising purposes and is applied to any leather products. Examples of such products are wallets, key chains, leather folders, wallets, diaries, bags, as well as camera straps, belts, key holders, labels and other products. Our company offers you service in the development and manufacture of stamps for embossing on the strap of the camera. The embossing stamp on the camera strap is a metal stamp that is made of magnesium or brass and is very durable and of high quality. We make an individual stamp for embossing on the strap of the camera, whether it is your company logo, inscription, trademark or personal information. Whatever type of embossing you choose, be it blind embossing (the simplest type of embossing is to press the stamp into a leather product, the resulting in-depth image elements lie in the same plane), relief embossing (multi-level, using it the impression is convex , relief outward, sometimes with paints) or foil stamping (foil is applied through a heated cliche to the product surface, which in turn is fixed with an adhesive layer on the product surface), our stamp for embossing on the strap of the camera will make an excellent high-quality print. Our unique embossing stamp will make your camera original and make its strap exclusive.
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