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"Big stamp for embossing  leather"

Big stamp for embossing leather

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Width: 100;Length: 100;Leather embossing is a way of applying a relief image to the leather. In industry, this method applies drawings, elements of a corporate identity or logo to leather products — diaries, key holders, wallets, key rings, folders, wallets, card holders, bags, document covers. Embossing on the leather is popular with its spectacular appearance and durability. Our company designs and manufactures large linear stamps for embossing leather - it is a cliche with an individual pattern engraved on the surface. Our cliche is an excellent tool for applying a logo, picture or inscription to a surface with a large area. A Big cliche for embossing leather is perfect for advertising your business. The logo of your company of a large size will look great on any leather product. For example, on diaries, wallets, bags, belts, notebooks, as well as on covers for office equipment, menus and briefcases. We make big cliches for embossing leather from brass (made from calibrated and polished brass plates) and magnesium (made from magnesium (99.87%) calibrated plates by chemical etching), which allows this clich? to be very durable and have a high print run. You can choose a picture for the cliche, but the lines on it should be wide and deep so that the print is of high quality. Using the big cliche for embossing the leather, you can perform both cold and hot stamping (blind, relief, foil and combined (stamping with relief in one stroke). The durability of embossing with a large cliche is determined by a change in the texture of the material on the product, which allows it not to crack and not to wear out.
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