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"Stamp for embossing the QR-code"

"Stamp for embossing the QR-code"

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"Width: 30;
Length: 30;
Embossing on the leather is the most popular and high-quality way of decorating leather materials. Your company logo will look great on leather products, because leather is the most durable and reliable of materials.
For leather embossing they use a metal stamp with a special design engraved on it.
Our company offers you a stamp for embossing a QR code - this is a metal cliche that our craftsmen make of brass or magnesium. Stamp for embossing the QR code is unique and highly circulation-resistant.
If you want to make a unique gift or surprise everyone with originality, then the stamp for embossing the QR code is just for you. Products such as menus, briefcases, notebooks, business card holders, key holders, diaries and other products, as well as any souvenir products will be beautifully decorated with an informative stamp for embossing a QR code.
Stamp for embossing the QR code can be made both with and without a heating element. "
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