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"Stamp for embossing leather souvenirs"

Stamp for embossing leather souvenirs

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Length: 40;
Of all types of artistic processing of leather souvenirs, leather embossing is especially popular. Along with other methods, such as pyrography, applique, perforation, engraving, intarsia, embossing is the most popular type of processing and decoration of souvenir leather products. This decorative kind of artistic processing of leather is carried out using special stamps. The main factor affecting the quality of embossing is the right stamp and the mode of operation .
Our company offers you services for the selection and manufacture of stamps for embossing leather souvenirs. Our stamps are made of the most durable and high-quality metals, such as brass and magnesium, which gives them high circulation resistance and the ability to serve you for many years.
The stamp for embossing leather souvenirs is developed exclusively individually for each customer. You can choose the size of the stamp, its shape, and also provide your layout for the picture on the stamp. Or our specialists can help you create and develop an exclusive stamp that suits you.
For a beautiful and original design of your products, our stamp for embossing leather souvenirs is perfect.
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