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"Stamp for burning 3-D"

Stamp for burning 3-D

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Width: 50;Length: 50;Burning is a technique used in art graphics and arts and crafts. A pattern is applied on the surface of any material of organic origin (cork, plywood, leather, wood, paper, fabric, felt) using a hot metal. The stamp is often used in burning. The stamp is a sign of product quality and is a graphic image applied to the surface. Our company offers its services in the development and creation of 3-D stamps for burning. 3D stamps for burning is a special tool that serves to obtain a high-quality print on leather, wood, plastic. The 3D burning stamp consists of the following elements: -3D stamp with engraving, which we make from brass or magnesium, in which 3D matrices (multi-level) allow you to create very complex three-dimensional images, - a heater, which is used as a gas burner or soldering iron. In our company you can order a 3D stamp for burning out any shape and size, but the larger the stamp, the more powerful the heater is required. For each such stamp the power of the heater is selected individually. We can also make a 3D stamp for burning without a heater with a long handle for heating with an open fire. Any of your images, brand name, text, initials, logo, we can put on the stamp, but for a good burning you need to avoid of thin lines. 3D stamp for burning is used for branding pallets, euro pallets, for burning on souvenirs, for creating volumetric logos and other promotional products. Stamp Stamp
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