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"Stamp for burning trademark"

Stamp for burning trademark

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Width: 30;
Length: 60;

A trademark is a feature of any enterprise. It is an individual, simple, easily remembered, clearly expressed element of the company's image, which makes it possible to distinguish a particular company, which helps the consumer in the choice of goods and services. A trademark is a guarantee of the quality of a particular firm that offers its products on the world market. When choosing a product between a well-known and proven, trademark, enterprise and the goods of an unknown producer, the buyer will choose an enterprise with a familiar logo, even if the price is higher, but the trademark gives a guarantee of quality and protects the goods from counterfeiting.

Our company offers you its services for the development and manufacturing of stamps for burning out the trademark of your company. This will allow you to place your trademark on the product, on the packaging, as advertising on different types of materials: on wood, leather, cardboard and other products. Stamp for burning a trade mark is made of magnesium and brass. With proper use, we guarantee that this stamp will be able to perform more than 10,000 impressions. The brand for burning out a trademark will not be an interchangeable tool in your firm.
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