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"Stamp with a personal signature"

Stamp with a personal signature

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Width: 60;Length: 20;A cliche (stamp) is a printing form with which you can get an impression on paper, leather and other materials. Our company offers you its services for the manufacture and development of stamps with a personal signature. You can use a stamp with a personal signature to design souvenir products and decorate leather, cardboard and paper products. You can make your own brand of stamps (choose size, shape) or our specialists can do it for you. Suitable for any type of embossing (relief stamping, reverse stamping, blind embossing (blint), pressing holograms, texturing, foil stamping), our stamp with a personal signature will look great in any of the options you choose. A stamp with a personal signature will be a great gift for your boss, colleague or loved one. Consisting of a durable and high-quality metal, namely brass or magnesium, a stamp with a personal signature will serve you for many years.
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