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"Cliche for foil stamping"

Cliche for foil stamping

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Width: 40;Length: 80;If you are manufacturing greeting cards, invitations, notebooks, gift wraps and want to give your creativity a unique look - the cliche for foil stamping was created especially for you! Recommended embossing temperatures. In printing practice, to give the printed matter an advertising, selling look, the embossing process is used. Foil embassing creates a complete image for the product that attracts customers with its brightness, brilliance, relief, texture. Do you want your product to become brand and memorable? Cliche for foil stamping can help you to create an extraordinary style for your product and thereby build a new advertisement for your business! Cliche for foil stamping is quite simple to use, because its main task is simply to press the foil into the material. It is important to know that the degree of embossment of the material in this embossing plays a secondary role. The recesses are determined by the type of material used, on which foil stamping is applied. A product of your creativity, decorated with a cliche for foil stamping will have a more representative and attractive look! TempStamp specialists will gladly accept your order and make the cliche for foil stampingin accuracy with the provided sketch!
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