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"Cliche for embossing books"

Cliche for embossing books

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Width: 38;Length: 70;The embossing method was widely used in ancient times, when the potter marked his product with an original and unique identification mark leaving a stamp on raw clay. Some people believe that stamping method laid the foundation for book printing. Today, the embossing process has significantly changed, automated and much easier. Actually this process can be characterized as after printing finishing of printing products. Why do they use image extrusion method these days? With the help of embossing, experts skillfully decorate the covers of books, diaries, notebooks, diplomas, solid folders, business cards and greeting cards. There are several types of embossing are distinguished, depending on the level of deformation of the material: with and without the foil, blind or congreve embossing. The most voluminous image is obtained using the last one. Due to two mirror-made matrices, the relief of a curved or concave structure remains on paper. In any case, the master needs to create certain conditions for the production process, a certain temperature regime, corresponding pressure and the presence of a cliche. The cliche is worth focusing on. You can make a cliche , in several ways (chemical etching and mechanical engraving), each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. The first way, when the layout is intended for the manufacture of photo film. With its help, the image is displayed on a metal plate, which is coated with photosensitive spraying. In the case of mechanical engraving, the layout is used to identify the programs of movement of the cutters, with the help of which the clich? itself is created. Both processes are quite difficult and require a certain level of knowledge from the manufacturer. Today, in pursuit of saving their finances, many entrepreneurs and owners of large companies, who have advertising specialists as part of their workers, do not understand this simple truth and begin to make cliches on their own. Many mistakes are made because of a lack of experience and knowledge in this delicate matter and correction of which takes time and money. So it is better to purchase cliches from professionals who are versed in embossing. Our company occupies a leading position in the market of the whole country, among manufacturers of embossing cliches . And in this section of our site, we offer you a cliche for embossing books at a reasonable price. Product parameters are seventy by thirty-eight millimeters. After processing your application, our courier service will deliver the goods directly to you. Evaluate the competence of our specialists and you will not have any regrets.
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