Individual order cliches (stamps). 00-01028407 - buy in the TempStamp online store at good prices!
Individual order cliches (stamps)

Individual order cliches (stamps)

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SKU: 00-01028407


Width: 30 mm; Height: 30 mm; Depth: 2 mm; Material: brass, steel; The stamp is cut on a numerically controlled machine. Possible production from materials like steel, brass, magnesium and acrylic. Milling depth - 2-4 mm. The minimum thickness of the lines is 0.5 mm. The thickness of the metal plate is 10-12 mm. Purpose of the stamp: hot stamping of leather, wood, plastic, paper. It is possible to make different mounts according to your request. As a heater, can be used an infinitely adjustable electric heater ([url00-01018128] thermal stamp [/ url00-01018128]) or [url00-01018888] gas soldering iron [/ url00-01018088]. The cost of the cliche is compiled individually. For a preliminary calculation, you can use our cliche calculator .
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